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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 2
Human Responsibility Towards Animals in Islam
Fatemeh Bastani, Morteza Barati
Pages: 35-44


In Islam not only humans rather animals too are of stature and rights. In Islamic jurisprudence human being enjoys numerous rights and obligations. In religious doctrines special attention has been paid to animals in general (including the livestock and wild animals), and for those who are struggling to protect and preserve them numerous material and spiritual values have been mentioned. Islam is of a comprehensive perspective of animal rights. The most evident rights of animals that are accompanied by the right to life consist of: feeding, housing, nightly comfort and security, immunity from cruelty in exploitation, immunity from physical and psychological harms, being respected. Islamic Sharia has underlined these basic rights in the form of practical codes in various dictions and considered their observation necessary for the owners of the animals, others and even in some cases for the religious authority.

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