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specialty journal of geographical and environmental science
Volume 2, 2018, Issue 3
Identification of the Effective Factors in the Participation in Presidential Election in Birjand County
Mohammad Zanguei Dovom
Pages: 1-12


Political participation and the way of people’s involvement in political decision-making and community affairs are among the issues that have been seen throughout the history of political thought since time immemorial. Electoral participation involves voluntary activities by the masses to influence public policy. This effect may be direct or in the choice of the person who is making the policy. Activities such as voting in the elections are among these affairs. The holding of free and fair elections and the existence of political competition are of the aspects of democracy and the legitimacy of political systems. This category is important in transitional societies. Elections and campaigns are of the important indicators of the democratic system, in which two elements of continuity and change are developed. Therefore, in this research, the factors affecting the participation of the people in the election of the tenth, eleventh and twelfth presidencies in the city of Birjand will be examined; this research has an applied approach in terms of purpose and nature. Also, this research, based on the methodology, is a qualitative-quantitative survey, in terms of time of conducting research it is a single cross-sectional research and in terms of data collection, it is a field research. The population studied in this study includes the Birjand citizens who can participate in the elections. The population of this city is 20,366 people and based on Morgan's sampling table, 384 inhabitants of this city will be selected randomly

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specialty journal of geographical and environmental science
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