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specialty journal of psychology and management
Volume 3, 2017, Issue 2
Impact of Learning via Mobile Phone on Health Information Learning
Jafar Ahmadigol, Pourandokht Fazelian, Razie Mohagheghian
Pages: 41-46


The present study aims to compare the impact of mobile on increasing health information of students of Kharazmi and Allame Tabatabayi Universities in 2013. The study method is quasi-experimental with pre-test and posttest design by control and experiment group. This study is based on researcher-built test composed of 20 questions. 160 students are selected by random cluster method. At first, by 20-item test, pre-test is performed. Then, the experiment group received training via mobile and control group received training by traditional method. Post-test is performed with the same questions. Finally, survey questionnaire is presented to experiment group. SPSS software, version 19, t-test and covariance analysis are used for data analysis. There is no significant difference between the mean of two groups in pre-test (experiment 7.57 and control 7.75) but there is a significant difference in posttest (experiment 17.56 and control 12.57). The training by traditional and mobile methods is effective on learning but training via mobile has high impact and the students are more interested in being trained by this method.

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specialty journal of psychology and management
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