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specialty journal of psychology and management
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 2
Inculcating Leadership Principles of Successful Leaders among Muslims: Effective leadership Characteristics Framework from Holy Quran and Islamic History
Pages: 27-31


This paper has prioritizes on the importance of inculcating Islamic leadership characteristics among Muslim leaders. This is a review paper that contributes to define the Islamic leadership characteristics of successful Muslim leaders. The aim is to introduce effective leadership characteristics derived from the holy Quran and Islamic history. The finding indicates that the early Muslim generation has proved that Muslims can be very successful leaders if they practice Islam in its entirety. This finding is of a great value to both theory and practice and have important implications for Muslim leaders. Furthermore, the paper argues that the leadership characteristics and of successful Muslim leaders must be included in any discussion on Islamic countries and what is happening among Muslim leaders. Failure to ensure the leadership characteristics among Muslim will mean increased corruptions, injustices, and prejudiced in Muslim countries.

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