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specialty journal of knowledge management
Volume 2, 2017, Issue 4
Information Use Pattern of Selected Departments of Users in Periyar University, Salem, Tamilnadu, India
Chandran Velmurugan
Pages: 12-23


Drastic technological development and effective networks, the habits of accessing information have drastically changed. Nowadays, Internet does our daily activities. Students are able to know the social networking sites (SNS) like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, an also blogging sites such as blogger, Drupal, Live Journal and word press and so on. Therefore, this survey tries to focus the usage pattern and awareness on ICT and its resources available at Central Library. For the study, 130 respondents were participated and the results showed that 49 (37.69%) respondents were participated from Mathematics, LIS, Physics, and Commerce. The huge number of users was belonging to 21-25 age groups and 70 (53.85%) respondents were identified the female category among the departments of Chemistry, Education, Food Science, Bio-technology and others and 60 (46.15%) were male. 53.84 percent of users are interested to frequently use the ‘Mozilla Firebox’ and got ranked first and next rank got Google Chrome (30.76%). It was noted that 90.00% of users were using the digital library effectively for different academic purposes whereas only 10.00% of the remaining respondents are not using the digital library.

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specialty journal of knowledge management
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