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specialty journal of geographical and environmental science
Volume 3, 2019, Issue 3
Integrated Urban Management and Environmental Assessment in Sustainable ‎Urban Development in Iran
Fatemeh Sharafi ‎
Pages: 1-10


With the expansion of cities and the emergence of metropolises in the geographic map ‎of the world, urban management has encountered many problems. One urban ‎management challenge is the sustainable urban planning. One of the reasons for ‎highlighting this issue is the presence of phenomena that have contaminated the ‎world’s soil, water and air. Therefore, governors have become concerned with ‎environmental issues in the wake of sustainable urban development. One of the ‎solutions to sustainable urban development is the removal of environmental barriers. ‎Sustainable development is considered as a fundamental principle in smart urban ‎planning, and uncontrollable urbanization can lead to increase in different problems, ‎such as natural resources depletion, ecosystem degradation, environmental pollution ‎and climate change on a big scale. Accordingly, it is considered necessary to reform ‎the existing urban and regional executive system, so as to confront the future ‎challenges in urban planning, and to focus on the goal of urban sustainability‏.‏‎ The ‎present paper is of applied research type, in a way that a systematic review of the ‎available researches has been conducted, given the descriptive and comparative ‎dimensions. This paper contributes to a mechanism which aims at helping the creation ‎of urban planning, with respect to the problems that exist regarding sustainable ‎development. The results of this study indicate that integrated urban management and ‎environmental assessment is a multi-dimensional plan that can compensate for the ‎lacks of responsible organizations and, ultimately, ensure the environmental quality of ‎urban planning.

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specialty journal of geographical and environmental science
Issue 4, Volume 3, 2019