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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 1, 2016, Issue 1
International Measures in the Fight against Maritime Terrorism
Peyman Hakimzade Khoei, Mohsen Abdollahi
Pages: 67-79


Fighting against terrorism has been at the center of attention of international community for many years, being considered as one of the most important issues in international law, especially international law of the sea, so that the first steps in this direction dates back to the era of the League of Nations. Considering to the increasing number of terrorist acts since 1963 onward, different conventions were enacted in fighting against terrorism. Freedom of navigation on the high seas depends on sustainable security and peace prevailing in the area. However, the terrorist acts in this region are able to convert a tanker into a deadly weapon or terrorists might hijack or take the ship as hostage in direction of their political and ideological aims as what happened about Achille Lauro ship. Therefore, the international community after the September 11 events has focused on maritime security. Numerous international measures were taken to fight against terrorist acts, which look for creating a coherent structure to fight and confront with such acts in the seas.

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