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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 4, 2018, Issue 1
Introducing Effective Factors on Urban Furniture Designing, Emphasizing on Color and Aesthetic Dimension (Bu-Ali Sina Street as a Case of Study)
Zahra Farrokhirad
Pages: 1-11


City is a public space where people every day are there and faced with different issues such as environmental, social and visual ones. Environmental graphic is one of the most effective tools for creating visual balance and simultaneously enhancing cultural aspects among citizens. Urban furniture is one of environmental graphic components which with different colors and materials cannot be separated from urban spaces. Humans are in touch with color of urban spaces. In addition to visual views and its esthetic aspect, the effects of color is very important in people’ mental relaxation. So, it is essential to use principles of using color in urban spaces and about urban furniture. A beautiful city is the one that makes logical and desired relationship between logical system of the city and city physic which is related to people’ culture and thinking. In today’s cities, we witness that there are colorful components while their designing is accidental and without enough study regarding residents’ cultural, and social backgrounds. This can lead to visual disturbances in current cities which has inappropriate effects on citizens’ spiritual situations in cities. In this research, existing urban furniture in Bu-Ali street were recognized and their role in enhancing the quality of urban landscape was assessed. Also this street is considered mainly as one of the most active streets in Hamedan adjacent to historical context of the city. Finally, suggestions about visual beauty of the city were offered. Also qualitative methodology was used and data were analyzed by AMOS V.18 software. Used colors in panels and billboards have not been selected appropriately. Overall, it can be said that there have not been specific studies for selecting used colors and this has led to visual disturbance in this street.

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specialty journal of architecture and construction
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