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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 3, 2017, Issue 3
Investigating Physical Environment Factors Affecting Creativity in The Process of Formation of an Architecture
Sara Yalveh, Seyed Ali Nouri
Pages: 39-48


Creativity, as one of the great manifestations of human thought, is important in today's world. Creativity is a mental process aimed at producing an innovative and valuable product. The creativity process in the mind of a creative architect has two dimensions of imagination and conception. The imagination is the creation of images in the minds of the architect who freely develops ideas for the creation of an architectural work, and conception in the architecture of mental imagery to build an image of the architectural effect that has actually been and has never been seen. Conception and imagination are architectural prerequisites for architectural creativity. Now, if environmental components are in the process of improving the environment, they can help promote creativity and take steps to create innovative and creative effects. Environmental factors in a physical environment have a great influence on increasing of creative growth. The purpose of this research is to recognize the concept of creativity and to study the environmental conditions and factors affecting the promotion of creativity in the process of forming an architectural creation. The research method was descriptive-analytic and collecting library information. This paper, while explaining the concept of creativity and creativity in architecture, will show the role of environmental stimuli in enhancing architectural creativity and the results of this study will provide environmental factors that stimulate creativity.

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