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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 2
Investigating the Legal and Penal Aspects of Alimony and Endowment Withdrawal from the Perspective of Islam and Iran’s Laws
Mojtaba Sargazi Poor, Alireza Abin
Pages: 9-16


When it comes to individuals’ rights, especially the conjugal rights, such an establishment as alimony shows up before all the other provisions and becomes the pivot of all the legal and penal thoughts. In between, women’s entitlement to alimony as aright stemming from marriage bond accounts for a large volume of the civil and penal claims having transformed the fundamental distinction of the civil law from the penal lore to a relative unity of the both. It seems that women’s entitlement to alimony and the amount and the quality of its receipt that are pertinent to the prior aspects and the civil rights of the wives have been supported by the advanced posterior sanctions of the penal code of procedure and they have altogether made up for an appropriate mechanism. Being drawn on the theoretical data and practical procedures, the present study tries offering a proper mechanism for safeguarding the women’s entitlement to alimony.

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