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specialty journal of psychology and management
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 2
Investigating the mediator role of knowledge management intermediary in the relationship between environment and structure (Case Study: Holding Azam)
Maryam Poornemat1, Pejman Ebrahimi2*
Pages: 19-26


Human goals in Industrial and civil societies are defined in the organization. It is very difficult to think that human goals are realized without organization. Therefore, organizations are designed to realize the goals of its designers. Knowledge management is closely linked to kind of policy used in an organization and it can affect the organizational structure. Generally, the goal of this study was to investigate the impact of environmental uncertainty on organizational structure through knowledge management capabilities. The population of study consisted of all managers, experts, and subsidiaries of Auto Parts Group of Azam. The model of research was tested using Lisrel and SPSS software through data collected from Auto Parts Group of Azam included 136 samples of members of the group. Based on results obtained, the first and second hypotheses were confirmed, while the third hypothesis was rejected. The results showed that environmental uncertainty has significant positive correlation with organizational structure through knowledge management capabilities, but this relationship is not a significant and direct.

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