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specialty journal of medical research and health science
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 1
Investigating the Relationship between Early Maladaptive Schemes and Parenting Styles among Women Referring to Zabol Health Centers
Mostafa Motamedi Heravi, Nasrin Hashemibaghi, Batool Kouhi, Hamid Reza Sheikhi
Pages: 27-33


Introduction: Adolescence is the best period in life to rebuild psychosocial aspects. The formation of personal goals, values and beliefs is influenced by a variety of social contexts, such as within the family, school, and other groups in which teenagers grow. Parenting styles "are a combination of parents' behaviors that occur in a wide range of situations and create a barren parenting environment. The purpose of the present study is to examine the relationship between the early maladaptive schemas and parenting styles among women referring to Zabol Health Care Centers. Methodology: This study was a descriptive and correlational study. The statistical population of this study was women referring to health centers in Zabol. The sample size of this study was 330 women referring to health centers in Zabol. The sampling is random. Two questionnaires were used to collect information from the questionnaire in order to measure the early maladaptive schemas and parenting styles. The questionnaire used in the study was completed by the researcher by interview method. It should be noted that before the completion of the questionnaire, oral explanations were provided to the respondent in order to complete the research process and its objectives, and with full satisfaction enter the study. The data obtained from this research are analyzed using descriptive statistics (mean, variance, standard deviation) and stanch statistics. The inferential statistics in this study are: Pearson regression and correlation. Findings: The findings of this study showed that there is a significant correlation between rejection, autonomy and performance, anxiety attachment, overvigilance, other directedness, avoidance attachment, and parenting style. In other words, there is a significant relationship between early maladaptive schemas and strong parenting styles (p <.0001). Conclusion: Each family uses a particular way in the individual and social development of their children, which are likely to be affected by their original cognitive patterns and their attachment styles.

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