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specialty journal of psychology and management
Volume 1, 2015, Issue 2
Investigating the relationship between organizational culture and employee performance (Case Study: Rasoule Akram hospital (PBUH) in Abdanan City)
Roshan Amri, Mina Soltani, Nematollah Naserzadeh, Nader Abolfathi
Pages: 11-18


Abstract: The aim of study was to investigate the relationship between organizational culture and performance of employees. This study is the descriptive and correlation. This research can be a research field. The population of this research is all the staff of Rasoule Akram hospital (PBUH) in the city of Abdanan in 2015. The number of employees is 111. To determine the sample size according to the number of the population is equal to the sample size, census method is used. The instrument used in this study is (a) organizational culture questionnaire (Alvani, 1997), (b) employee performance questionnaire (Asadi et al., 2009). Cronbach's alpha was used to obtain reliability that for all components was 0.7 higher than the maximum allowed, which confirmed the reliability of the questionnaire. Data collected from Pearson correlation analyzed by using spss software. This research has nine hypotheses that the results of the analysis showed that all of these assumptions have been approved. In other words, it was found that there is a significant and positive and direct relationship between all components of organizational culture and employee performance. In addition, it was found that the intensity of the relationship between risk component and employee performance was more than other components. Keywords: Organizational culture, performance, performance management, Rasoule Akram hospital (PBUH).

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