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specialty journal of psychology and management
Volume 5, 2019, Issue 4
Investigating the Relationship between Psychological Capital and Spiritual ‎Intelligence with the Employees’ Performance of an Organization
Mohammad Hassan Ghanifar, Ali Asghar Khodabakhshi, Mehdi Balideh
Pages: 51-58


Regarding the high importance of the impact of spiritual intelligence and psychological ‎capital on the performance of individuals and consequently on the performance of ‎organizations, this study was conducted aiming to evaluate the role of spiritual ‎intelligence and psychological capital on organizational performance. This study was ‎of descriptive-correlation type in which all employees of an organization including 117 ‎people were studied. Data collection tool in this study included spiritual intelligence ‎questionnaire, psychological capital questionnaire and employees’ performance. Data ‎analysis of this research and testing its hypotheses were performed by Excel, SPSS 19, ‎and R software. The findings indicated that there was a significant positive relationship ‎between employees’ performance and psychological capital as well as the employees’ ‎performance and spiritual intelligence. On the other hand, the results showed that ‎except in the subscale of expanding consciousness state, there was a significant and ‎positive relationship between psychological capital and spiritual intelligence in other ‎subscales‎‎‎‎‎.

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specialty journal of psychology and management
Issue 1, Volume 6, 2020