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specialty journal of sport sciences
Volume 2, 2017, Issue 2
Investigating Triple Management Skills (Perceptual, Human and Technical) among Physical Education Managers in Fars Province and its Relationship with Demographic Characteristics of Managers
Sarah Kamyab
Pages: 1-10


The aim of this study was to evaluate the relationship between the triple managerial skills (perceptual, human and technical) among physical education managers of Fars province and demographic characteristics (age, work experience, management experience, educational level, athletic experience, field of study, gender). The research method was descriptive and conducted through field study. A researcher-made questionnaire was used to collect data for this study which its validity was calculated (789.0%) by professors of sports management and its reliability was also found 85.0%. The results showed that the technical skill with average score of 39.12 was of the highest importance and perceptual skill with a mean of 23.12 was of the lowest importance from the perspective of subjects. In addition, there is no relationship between some demographic characteristics and skills of managers and there is only significant negative correlation between managerial experience and technical skills of managers. Multivariable regression results suggest that management experience; educational level and work experience have a direct and positive relationship with dependent variable. So it can be concluded these variables had a significant role in the triple management skills.

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