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specialty journal of psychology and management
Volume 3, 2017, Issue 1
Investigation and Pathology of affective Factors on the process outsourcing performance from the perspective of managers and employees of petroleum industry
Abolfazl Anbardar, Vahideh Chai Atri
Pages: 13-23


Now days, One of the concepts that have been heard in industry and services is the concept which called "outsourcing", Successful managers in organizations around the world use of outsourcing as an effective strategy to achieve Strategic goals. An important issue is considered for those areas of the business environment in the use of outsourcing, Is that a company (organization) decides to what activities they outsource and what activities they do for themselves? The problem what senior managers faced by that, is not used of outsourcing, but also set an activity that should be outsource. And this requires that become clearly defined the processes of outsourcing strategy, The aim of the study, “Investigation and Pathology of affective Factors(Internal factors include management considerations, strategic considerations, security considerations, factors associated with quality, factors associated with service features) and (external factors including: technology factors, social factors, political factors and economic factors) on the process outsourcing performance from the perspective of managers and employees of petroleum industry. To perform this study, is used two index questionnaire and the reasons of outsourcing, and the causes of unsuccessful outsourcing. The study consisted of managers and industry insiders Islamic Republic of Iran (General Directorate of administration and engineering departments of the Ministry of Oil and conserving the structure and main companies and subsidiaries of the oil industry) that are 130 persons; so 97 subjects were chosen as samples by using Cochran formula. To analyze the data was used of t test ,Wilcoxon test and Spss software. The results show that, the number of 24 variables which identified in the performance of outsourcing process was successful from the perspective of managers and employees of the oil industry, and administrators and managers who should pay attention to outsourcing. In addition, among 24 variables, the two variables (technology factors), and (social factors), has the least impact on performance and 2 variables (economic factors) and (organizational internal and external factors), have the greatest impact on performance of outsourcing processes.

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