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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 2, 2017, Issue 4
Legal and Judicial Investigation of Jobs with the priority for Women
Fatemeh Shoori, Feysal sharifipoor
Pages: 10-23


The legal and judicial investigation of jobs with the priority for women is the title of an article that tries, with regard to the issue that women are created to do some different activities from men and there are physical and psychological differences between women and men and considering the time and place conditions and due to this matter that the maternal critical task and breeding the powerful generations have been laid upon them by the creation act, to rank the jobs and introduce some activities with the priority for women including the health, medical and education services, total professional services, activities in the media and the press in field of the women, rescuing activities and charitable actions. On the one hand, this study has stated the base of such priorities including the characteristics of women, the benefits or interests of couples and families (with regard to the matter that the primary roles of women are housekeeping, maternal activities and raising the children), the need to woman obeying from her husband and having no responsibility in the livelihood of the family; and on the other hand, considering the living conditions of today required women work along with men in advancing the common goals and realizing the eminent human and divine ideals and trying to acquire the sciences and education and different social activities and they need to get educated and work outside their houses.

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