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specialty journal of psychology and management
Volume 1, 2015, Issue 4
Locating the Technical Examinations Center Using Genetic Algorithm Technique and Employing the Local Information (The Case of West Azerbaijan)
Vahdat Yosefzade Asl, Mehran Molavi
Pages: 70-78


Abstract: One of the reasons of lengthy queues formation in technical examination centers and inappropriate distribution of centers. Lack of enough support of centers and lack of some ability of such centers are the result of inappropriate establishment of such centers. Regarding the traffic criteria, the price of acre and population as the main criteria, this study presents a method for prioritizing the cities in order to localize automobile technical examination centers. The study was applied and descriptive in terms of goal and quality of data collection. It is applied in that the use of the obtained results can be applied to localizing the technical testing centers using genetic algorithm technique. Since the geographical scope of the study is restricted to West Azerbaijan, the data were collected through the information bank and satellite maps. The findings indicate that to determine the operant, 100 iterations were made and the target function had 41040.52 mean value and its mean solving time was 2.043 seconds.

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