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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 2, 2017, Issue 2
Mass media and the promotion of human rights discourse
Hasan Baradaran, Fardin Mostafeye
Pages: 78-86


The present age is called the “age of communications” . In other words , because of the existence and application of mass media whose influence and effects are increasing ,they have developed a new form and have overshadowed the developments within the human societies. As a part of the new social structure and one of the comprehensive systems available to all , the media play a very critical and important role in the economic, social-cultural and political arenas. This research aims to investigate the role the media play in expanding the discourse on the human rights. The mass media as information highways and as effective communication means on the public opinion and on the civil society watchdog ,plays an important role in informing people ,strengthening the social cultural-thinking basis and expanding the human rights discourse and etc…. . They are of the most important leverages for education , advertisement and culture building affairs . they also make public opinion and are components in creating civilization. This research is of descriptive-analytical type. Analyzing the research concepts and theories reveal, mass media , despite future challenges through adopting different communication policies ,are believed to have a strategic role in bolstering and expanding the discourse on the human rights as well as on democracy.

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