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specialty journal of psychology and management
Volume 1, 2015, Issue 1
Multi Agent Rfid Process In Project Chain Management
Sardar Asad Ali Biabani, Mohamed Osama Khozium
Pages: 10-16


ABSTRACT: Project charter is perhaps the most important document included in the Project Management plan. It provides a preliminary outline of the project’s scope, objectives and identifies the participants in the project. The schedule plan is responsible for bringing project time, cost and quality under control and links resources, tasks and time line together. Once a Project Manager has list of resources, work breakdown structure (WBS) and effort estimates, he is ready to go for planning project schedule. Schedule network analysis helps Project Manager to prevent undesirable risks involved in the project. Project Chain Management (PCM) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) are key elements of schedule network analysis. This paper presents a model of Multi-Agent System (MAS) dedicated to the PCM through RFID. It describes technical research on the troubles of privacy and security and explores solution for its problems using five phase agent models. MAS can interact to solve problems that are beyond the individual capacities or knowledge of problem solver. In the past several years, agent technology has played a central role in many application areas. It also provides a decentralized and adaptative approach for automated data capture and tracking in real-time which is a major constriction affecting the ability of stakeholders to optimize their investments in supply chain solutions. RFID combined with the MAS would be able to address these points and provide a range of benefits across various uprights.

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