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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 2, 2017, Issue 2
New Minimum Wage Agitations and Collective Bargaining Nigeria: The State of the Debate
Eme. Okechukwu Innocent1, Alo. Rowland Chika1, Idike. Adeline Nnenna2
Pages: 42-66


This study investigated workers’ agitation for an increase in the national minimum wage in Nigeria. To this end, it compared workers pay across the globe and using Enugu state bench mark to generalize for the need for an increment. This is no matter the faction of the divided labour union, both agreed for an increase but differ on the amount. Government on the other hand constituted a committee to start negotiation with the labour union. The data for this study were generated through documentary sources, Focus Group Discussion and in-depth interview with labour sector participants. Tables and the technique of content analysis constituted our data analysis technique. It was discovered that rather than decrease, industrial conflicts were on the increase in the epoch of recession. The whole ambit of the demand for a new wage policy and the contention that they have raised have provided the basis of the study.

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