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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 1
Nigeria and Sudan: A Comparative Study of the Internal Security Threats by Herdsmen and the Janjaweed Militia – A Discourse
Etim O. Frank
Pages: 1-8


The discourse set out to compare the internal security threats in Nigeria and Sudan and its implications, using the qualitative research orientation, where it relied extensively on secondary data for its analysis. The application of this approach, revealed that the motivations for violence arose from; the proscription of free eating of grasses and cultivated crops and ranching establishment law in some states, allegation of stolen cattle, which was found to be the weakest link, because at no time have, they reported missing herds, and the indigene/settler conflict. The settler/indigene variables were found to be the most potent cause of the herdsmen terrorism. It has cause them to rename some settlements where the original inhabitants have run away to safety. This is the major cause of the Plateau conflict. This is similar to the Darfur conflict in Sudan with the wish to exterminate the indigenous African tribes to have Darfur as a grazing ground. It recommended the display of impersonal leadership and governance two elements which are in short supply in African politics, rejigging of the security forces and abiding with federal character in the appointments of security chiefs, to enhance the apprehension and the trial of those who owned up the massacre. The discourse identified the crimes committed by herdsmen to be the same as those committed by the Janjaweed in Sudan and concluded that both the herdsmen and the Janjaweed received tacit support from the states. The tacit support of the herdsmen was displayed by the minister of defense. Consequently, the United Nations would in due course accuse the president of criminal dereliction of duty, charge him with vicarious liability and demand his prosecution at the International Tribunal at the Hague, Netherlands as was the case with Omar Al-Bashir.

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specialty journal of politics and law
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