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specialty journal of psychology and management
Volume 6, 2020, Issue 1
Open and Control administrative Climate as Predictors of Teachers’ Morale in Senior Secondary Schools in Adamawa State, Nigeria
Robert Kwanti
Pages: 1-7


This study investigated the open and control administrative climates as predictors of Teachers morale in senior secondary schools in Adamawa state. The study aimed to determine whether an Administrative climate predicts Teachers’ morale in senior secondary school in Adamawa state, Nigeria. Three research questions and two hypotheses were raised and tested at 0.05 level of significance. The study adopted correctional survey research design. The population of the study was 5,968 comprising 326 school administrators and 5,642 Teachers of Senior Secondary Schools within the five education zones in the state. A Total sample of 598 subjects including 20 school administrators and 578 Teachers were randomly selected within three education zones in the state based on proximity. The instrument for data collection was tagged Open and comtrol dministrative climates and Teachers’ morale questionnaire was subjected for evaluation by four experts, two from the department of physical sciences education and two from Life and Environmental sciences department. The reliability of the instrument was determined after a trial testing and a reliability coefficient of 0.88 and 0.84 were obtained using Cronbach Method. Data were analyzed using Mean and Standard deviation for the research questions, while linear regression one way ANOVA and multiple regression analyses were used to test the hypotheses. Findings  from this study indicated that open administrative climate predicted teachers’ morale since F1,586 =10.352, P =0.001 < 0.05 level of significance, and control  administrative climate  predicted teachers’ morale since F1, 586 =4.535, P =0.034 < 0.05 level of significance,. The study revealed that all the hypotheses tested showed that open and control administrative climates predicted teachers’ morale in Senior Secondary Schools .Based on the findings it was recommended that school administrators should maintain an open door policy to establish close relationship with the teachers’ to boost their morale, school administrators should ensure teachers are committed to their professional duties. workshops and seminars should be organize for teachers to update their knowledge and government should provide instructional facilities in schools to promote teaching and learning .Finally suggestions were also proffered for further studies such as,  there is the need to conduct further studies on open and control administrative climates in other state of the federation and similar studies should be carry out in other parts of the country to enable generalization of the findings.

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specialty journal of psychology and management
Issue 1, Volume 6, 2020