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specialty journal of psychology and management
Volume 5, 2019, Issue 4
Organising of Instructional Materials and Students’ Academic Achievement in Senior ‎Secondary Schools in Adamawa State‎
Badamasi Abubakar Barde
Pages: 59-64


This study investigated the organising of instructional materials and students’ academic ‎achievement in senior secondary schools in Adamawa state. The purpose of this study was to ‎determine the organising of schools facilities and students’ academic achievement in senior ‎secondary schools in Adamawa state, one hypothesis guided the study. The study adopted ‎descriptive survey design; the area of the study was Adamawa state. The population of the study ‎comprised 337 principals and 5128 teachers and 134,346 in all the senior secondary schools ‎within the five education zones of Adamawa State. The sample size of 166 principals, 365 ‎teachers and 531 senior secondary school students which were statistically determined using ‎Taro Yamane formula for finite population. The instrument was questionnaire named ‎‎“organising of instructional materials questionnaire” (PMSFQ) designed by the researcher ‎and pro forma to elicit students’ academic achievement. The instruments were validated by 4 ‎validators. The reliability coefficient of 0.82 was obtained using cronbach’s alpha method. The ‎null hypothesis was answered using linear regression analysis. The hypothesis tested at 0.05 ‎level of significance was rejected. In conclusion it was reveal that organising of schools ‎facilities have contributed to students’ academic achievement in senior secondary schools of ‎Adamawa state. Among the recommendations, instructional materials should be provided to ‎enable students’ and teachers to concentrate on their job for effective delivery‎‎‎‎‎‎.

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specialty journal of psychology and management
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