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specialty journal of electronic and computer sciences
Volume 6, 2020, Issue 1
Presenting a Method for Optimal Service Selection in Cloud Computing ‎Environment Using Genetic Algorithm ‎
Masoud Karimi, Vahid Saffari‎
Pages: 1-12


Cloud Computing (CloCom) is one of the latest technologies to speed up and improve ‎the quality of service delivery as well as system services being based on ‎communication networks, including the Internet. An important point in this regard is ‎that in CloCom, there is no need for the service recipients' awareness of infrastructure ‎and specialized information provided by cloud service providers. This is the reason for ‎using the term cloud. There are many challenges in terms of using CloCom, and one of ‎the most important challenges concerns the selection of optimal service (C_SS) in this ‎environment. Due to different conditions of CloCom's service providers, such as VM ‎Price / hour and VM CPU_Virtual_Core, it is necessary to allocate more efficient C-SS ‎to these service providers. For this purpose, the genetic optimization (GA) method for ‎C_SS has been used. To this end, the genetic optimization (GA) method has been used ‎for C_SS. Each service provider can be assigned a service based on the ability to ‎perform cloud requests (C_SReq) using the design of the GA optimization method for ‎C_SS among CloCom servers. The evaluation results indicated a decrease in average ‎migration time and average response time in CloCom, which eventually has led to a ‎higher C_SReq and an increase in the quality of service. The average decrease in ‎response time and migration time in the C_GSS method was extracted and compared ‎with randomized C_SS (C_RSS) and particle mass (C_PSS). The results indicated the ‎reduction of the mentioned criteria C_GSS research methodology due to C_SS ‎optimization in CloCom service providers‎‎.

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specialty journal of electronic and computer sciences
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