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specialty journal of electronic and computer sciences
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 4
Presenting a Method to Reduce Deviation of Effort Distribution and Increase the Accuracy of Effort Estimation in Software Development Phases
Sayyed Hedayat Tarighi Nezhad, Abozar. Dolatabadi Nezhad, , Sayyed Jalalaldin Gharibi Karyak
Pages: 21-34


Reduction of deviation in effort estimation prevents from time and financial overheads in software development. Studying research conducted on recognition of influential factors on deviation of effort distribution, this study attempts to categorize and analyze the results of the research on ISBSG data. Finally using results of the analyses, the accuracy of effort estimation will be calculated which is obtained by a reduction in the deviation of effort distribution. Having compared research factors, strategies are presented to reduce the deviation in effort distribution. Strategies presented in this study can play a crucial role in reducing time and financial overheads and increase the accuracy of effort estimation in software development management. Research results can be used to present an effort estimation model with higher accuracy in software development.

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specialty journal of electronic and computer sciences
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