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specialty journal of knowledge management
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 4
Principal’s Mentoring as Correlates of Mathematics Teachers’ Job Performance in Senior ‎Secondary Schools in Adamawa State, Nigeria
Badamasi, Abubakar Barde
Pages: 15-20


The study investigated the relationship between mentoring and teachers’ job performance in senior secondary schools in Adamawa State, Nigeria. One objective, two research question, and a hypothesis was formulated to guide the study. In chapter two the study reviewed literatures related to the study. In chapter three the researcher adopted a correlational research design. The area of the study was Adamawa State located in the North Eastern part of Nigeria; the target population is all the mathematics teachers (1,554) and principles (337) in senior secondary schools within the five education zones in Adamawa state, in this study, the sample size is 407 comprising 387 mathematics teachers, 20 principals, which was statistically determined using Taro Yamane formula for finite population. The instruments for data collection in this study were three questionnaires. Teachers’ Satisfaction Base on Mentoring ‎‎(TSBM) and Teacher’s Job Performance (TJPQ). The instruments were validated by three experts; one professor, two associate professors and the reliability score was computed using Cronbach alpha method for establishing internal consistency coefficient reliability (α). Reliability coefficients of 0.75 for the TSBM 0.80 for the TSBM and 0.79 for (TJPQ) were obtained respectively. All the distributed questionnaires were distributed with the help of five research assistants trained by the researcher’s for this purpose in 10 days. Descriptive statistics of mean and standard deviation is used to answer the research questions using. The Pearson Products Movements’ Correlation Coefficient is used‎‎‎‎.

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