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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 1, 2015, Issue 2
Promoting the quality of urban pivots with stability approach (Case study: Sepah Street, Isfahan, Iran)
Negin Ebrahmi Dastgerdy, Sonia Saeedi
Pages: 9-26


Abstract: Human settlement can bear the most desirability for the man when it can meet his environmental, social, formative and economical needs. If any these factors lack desirable quality in the life environment of a person, it can affect his feeling and perception from the space and satisfaction level with the life environment. Street and public space are among these factors which play the most significant role in the partner perception. Based on this, the present study tries to examine the quality criteria in urban design and stability ,resulting in urban stability in order to create high-quality streets. For attaining this, AHP method was used in order to analyze the data, also questionnaires were distributed in the studied streets. These questionnaires seek the intended streets in the form of two general criteria as” quality of urban environment” and ”urban stability” show that with regarding to its position, Sepah street requires maintaining and enhancing spatial-formative, social-cultural and environmental factors which have less quality than the intended indices, but economical and managerial-governance factors have higher quality level.

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