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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 4, 2018, Issue 4
Prosperous Neighborhood: New Significance or Old Concept to Achieve Livable Community
Seyed Alireza Arbabzadehgan Hashemi, Ali Akbar Taghvaei, Mohamad Reza Pourjafar
Pages: 20-39


As results of the rapid growth of urban population and its problems in last centuries, cities, and urban neighborhoods, as the primary level of interaction between people and cities, faced with different challenges and played a vital role. In this regard, a controversial issue among urban planners is that find out how the cities and its neighborhoods could bring prosperity to their inhabitants. In these matters, planning scholars try to achieve significant outcomes. This study aims to review the evolution of paradigms, theories, and approaches on neighborhood-based planning since the beginning of the twentieth century so far, lesson learn from the past and provide a multidimensional framework that helps to the creation of livable and prosperous communities. So first, with review literature, three significant waves of neighborhood planning identified. After that based on common characters of literature, five principles of prosperity at the local level including green infrastructure, enduring and resiliency, efficiency, justice - social interactions and livability, proposed in an integrated framework. Also, this framework provides the networks of interaction between places, people, activities, and environment and show the role and function neighborhoods to achieve urban prosperity as we saw in the past.

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specialty journal of architecture and construction
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