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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 3
Protecting Women and Children under the Doctrine of Human Security
Mohsen Shakibmehr
Pages: 16-27


Women and children have always been considered amongst the weakest group of the vulnerable classes and on the first line of the catastrophe’s victims. Providing support to them not only strengthens them, but also causes considerable decline in the ratio of damages. A different look based on human veneration is necessary for achievement of such a goal. Such an evolution has been crystalized in the human security doctrine so that human beings have been realized therein as the pivot of development, peace and security for the mankind. The human security doctrine that came into existence with a human development report in 1994 has adopted an approach to support the human life and security. Based on the analysis that such a doctrine has been offered for the concept of security, the women and children should be placed in the focal point of the domestic and international attentions during armed conflicts and bioenvironmental crises so that they sustain the least damage and receive the most humanitarian aids. The humanitarian interventions can be utilized in necessary cases via acquiring legal permits. The 21st century can be realized as the era of women and children for the fact that their accentuated presence and blossoming in the global arena can be seen with deepening of the international perceptions of them and their vivid and hidden capacities. The supports of women and children during the emergence of armed conflicts and bioenvironmental calamities in the light of the human security doctrine’s teachings are expressed in the study. 

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specialty journal of politics and law
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