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specialty journal of psychology and management
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 2
Providing a Three-Dimensional Model for Implementation Challenges of E-commerce in Iran
Neda Pasandi Pour1, Mehdi Yadollahi2*, Fatemeh Ebadi3
Pages: 76-93


This paper aims at highlighting the importance of e-commerce adoption in Iran and refers to its technical, social-cultural and managerial implementation challenges, and by providing a ranking for each dimension of these challenges, wants to know solving or at least minimizing the adverse effects of which one has the most influenceon implementation of e-commerce in Iran. Study design:Quantitative research design. Place and Duration of Study: Iran, in 2013. Methodology: In this research system dynamics approach was used and the necessary data collected from previous researches, then analyzed by VENSIM software. Since the most of projects in Iran are short-term projects, a 5 year interval used for data analysis with the change rate of 20%. Because 20% is the lowest rate that best represents the effects of applied changes. Results: Data analysis showed that reducing every dimension of each challenge by 20% will have a great effect on the implementation of e-commerce in Iran. Conclusion:The research findings revealed that the shortage of internet service providers (as a technical challenge), Officials and decision makers’ lack of familiarity with the structure and function of e-commerce (as a social-cultural challenge) and lack of strategic management (as a managerial challenge) are the most important implementation challenges of e-commerce in Iran

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