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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 4
Recognition of the Relationship between Security and Law in the Light of Rule and Order Foundations
Vahid Ebrahimi, Ebrahim Mousazadeh, Khirollah Parvin, Firuz Aslani
Pages: 114-125


The relationship between the law and security is quite a complex and controversial issue. It largely stems from the perspective differences in defining the concepts of security and law as well as the various ways these two are related to one another. In between, the incongruence of the existent literature about security accounts for the greatest share. The primary goal of the present study is elaboration of the fundamental relationship between law and security. The study is a subjective research conducted based on grounded theorization. Based thereon, to elucidate the relationship between law and security, meanwhile seminally pointing to the concept of security and defining it through taking advantage of interdisciplinary research, the selected concept of the author is subsequently offered for security. Next, the theory related to law and security is investigated under the general title of order/rule foundations. The aforesaid investigation signifies that, meanwhile assuming a default definition of rule and order, the perspective based on the mutual relationship between rule and order directs our attentions to the importance of the legal and philosophical indicators in understanding and offering a functional aspect of security and elaborates their role in creation of security.

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