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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 3, 2017, Issue 4
Recognizing The Role of the Extended Family to Formulate a Pattern in The Design of the Nursing Home
Hadiseh Arab, Abbas Masoudi
Pages: 14-18


Changing the life trend and industrializing the societies lead to transforming the family's functions and authority , the families were transformed the extended pattern into the nuclear family . Following this change of pattern , the society faced a new phenomenon due to medical advances and rising the life expectancy which had never been considered a problem with the existence of the extended families until recently that is the aging phenomenon . Failure to pay attention to this class of the society creates some irreparable problems for the aged and the community. Therefore, it is necessary to address this matter. The purpose of this study is to understand and disseminate the effective criteria on the life and the elderly 's residency which can be a useful guide to design and find the existing weaknesses in the design and rising the life condition quality in their last life period and also reducing their mental and affective disorders and the tolerance of separation conditions from the family and home .For this purpose , in the present research the weaknesses and strengths of several centers were studied by interview and consequently the effective factors to promote the elderly' life quality were provided.

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