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specialty journal of psychology and management
Volume 1, 2015, Issue 2
Reduction of irrational thoughts in mothers of children with mental retardation by resilience training
Maryam Mohammadi Farzaneh
Pages: 64-71


The researches of recent 20 years show that resilience is a multidimensional structure and affected by environmental texture, time, age, gender, cultural origin and life conditions. Due to this, studying the effective factors on resilience in recent years has been increased. The statistical population of this research included all mothers of children with mild and severe mental retardation in exceptional primary schools in academic years of 2015-2016 in Tehran city. The research is a quasi-experimental design with pre-test, post-test and control group. Sampling was accomplished by simple random method and finally, 60 persons were selected and they were placed in 2 groups of training and witness. The intervention of test group included resilience training during eight sessions. The main tools of this research included initial incompatible schema questionnaire with short form (SQ-SF) and irrational thoughts (IBT) and Conner-Davidson resilience. The collected data were analyzed by using of SPSS software. In this study, descriptive statistic was used and in order to study the relation between variables, inferential statistic including covariance analysis and Means comparison were utilized. Generally, we can express that the amounts of irrational thoughts, also initial incompatible schema of mothers that have been trained in terms of resilience in some sub-variables are less than the mothers that haven’t been trained.

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