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specialty journal of psychology and management
Volume 4, 2018, Issue 1
Review of the Relationship Between Self- Efficacy of Teachers on Achievement Motivation and Academic Achievement in Teaching Math of Sixth Grade Elementary School Students in Ardebil City
Ali akbar Abdollahzadeh, Marzieh Mohamadi
Pages: 8-16


This study has investigated the relationship between self- efficacy of teachers on achievement motivation and academic achievement in teaching mathematics of sixth grade elementary school students. Therefore, all teachers of the sixth grade of elementary school in Ardebil city were selected through census method (N=44). For each teacher, 10 students were randomly selected, 10(n=440). Teacher’s self- efficacy questionnaire (Tschannen– Moran) was used to measure the teachers’s self– efficacy. Bernard Weiner achievement motivation questionnaire has been implemented to measure the students’ achievement motivation. Marks the end of the first year of students was used to measure students' academic achievement. The results of the study were indicated that the self- efficacy of teachers has not effect on the students' achievement motivation. self- efficacy of teachers has a positive impact on the students' academic achievement. also showed that there was a positive correlation between students' achievement motivation and academic achievement.

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