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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 4
Review the Principles of Fair Trial
Gafoor Yousefi
Pages: 92-99


In recent decades, the emergence and expansion of the concept of "fair trial" in all types of hearings and hearings within and outside the judiciary has become a fundamental component, and even the criterion and indicator of the legitimacy of any litigation. In fact, today's procedure has become increasingly important. The best and fairest solution to a lawsuit comes from a fair and equitable hearing in an independent and impartial court with the guarantees necessary for the litigants. The credibility of the judiciary and the judiciary and the confidence of both parties to the case and the public will depend directly on the existence of a fair and equitable hearing. A fair and equitable hearing is one of the international principles of human rights enshrined in many countries' laws. Has been accepted. This Right to Protect Persons from Illegal Deprivation and Restriction of Other Fundamental Rights and Freedoms The right to a fair and just hearing is one of the most famous, most beloved and most important of all human rights that emerged during the evolution of human legal civilization. Is. The history of this right goes back to the Anglo-Saxon tradition of "legal observance", which goes back to the English Charter, which aims at examining the principles of fair trial.

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