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specialty journal of psychology and management
Volume 6, 2020, Issue 1
Saudi Women Response toward the Price Discounts in the Local Retail Markets
Iyad A. Al-Nsour, Hassan M. Somili
Pages: 8-24


The study aims at measuring the influence of price discounts on the women’s contribution to the buying behavior of the Saudi family, as well as determining the statistical differences in price discounts and the contribution level according to the demographical variables. The research population consists of all Saudi women in Riyadh and the total research population reaches 2204529 women in 2016. The unit of analysis is the Saudi working and non-working women who lives in Riyadh, and over 19 years old. The equal random stratified sample method is used and the sample size is 390 women. The study concludes that the price discounts have a positive significant influence on women's participation in the buying behavior of the Saudi family. It is found that there are statistical differences in the awareness level of price discount and contribution level according to demographical factors. Finally, the study recommends and suggests a set of implications that enforce the role of women in the marketing communication campaigns.

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specialty journal of psychology and management
Issue 1, Volume 6, 2020