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specialty journal of psychology and management
Volume 3, 2017, Issue 4
Shiraz Teachers' Use of Voice, Tone and Body States in The Persian Alphabet Training
Ali Davarpanah, Nader Shahamat
Pages: 1-8


This research examines the feasibility of training nonverbal communication by Shiraz teachers teaching Persian alphabet and the main problem of this study is that how much education authorities such as teachers have direct relationship with students, how much they have knowledge on no-verbal communication and how much they use it. Method of this study was content analysis and its population included first-grade elementary teachers of Shiraz that 40 of them were selected purposefully by elementary education experts. In this study, the required information was collected by trained people and under the supervision of a researcher by attending in the classroom in uncontrolled observation way. Then, they were analyzed using SPSS software. In this study, nonverbal behavior of teachers in the classroom, such as the type of role, the type of emotional movement, distance from student, facial expression, head and hands movements, looking, funny movements, blinking, eye state, type of hands and feet movement, physical state, the state of the fingers, eye contact effectiveness, expression of emotions, and intervention of teachers in the student speech were examined and analyzed. This study indicates that the first-grade elementary teachers of Shiraz have less skill in the use of nonverbal behavior, and the role of teacher is more formal and in expressing their emotions, they use more combination of face and hands and the distance between teacher and student is more public than social type, and face expression of teachers shows interest and passion for education and most of teachers have no reliance state in teaching. In addition, head of teachers is on the state toward students and use of eye contact is high and emotional state of teachers is learning type, tone of teachers is interrogative, and clothing of teachers is more formal.

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