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specialty journal of psychology and management
Volume 3, 2017, Issue 1
Socio-cultural Adjustment of Indonesian Domestic Migrant Workers in Singapore
Muhammad Iqbal
Pages: 38-45


This research aimed to delineate the level of socio-cultural adjustment abilities of Indonesian domestic migrant workers in Singapore. This research conducted with survey methodology with quantitative-descriptive approaches. This research applied in Singapore with 124 respondents who were Indonesian female domestic migrant workers. The instrument used in this research was Socio-cultural Adjustment Quesionnaire adapted from Black & Stephen (1989). The result of the research shown the socio-cultural adjustment of majority of Indonesian female domestic migrant workers was at the medium level with 68 respondents (54.8%), high with 43 respondents (34.7%) and low around 13 respondents (10.5%). From the dimensions could be observed that the low level of adjustment occured to general environment with minimum score 9.2661, and the highest level of adjustment accured to the work/task with minimum score 22.8629 and adjustment to interaction with minimum score 10.2581.

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