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specialty journal of medical research and health science
Volume 2, 2017, Issue 4
Some oxidant Parameters in Cardiovascular Iraqi females
Perry Habeeb, Zaid Nsaif, Alaa H. Jawad, Wisam Kadhum H. and Yasmeen Muhialdeen
Pages: 1-9


Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are heart and blood vessels related groups of disorders which supply myocardium with oxygen and nutrients. Reactive oxygen species (ROS) is a group term that is used for a group of oxidants, which are either free radicals or molecular species being able to generate free radicals. This study was conducted on a group of 28 cardio diseased females’ patients from Ibn Al-Nafese in Baghdad, Iraq. and 28 apparently healthy individuals as control group. Oxidation parameters were determined such as malondialdyhide by Walker method, 8-Hydroxydeoxyguanosine by CUSABIO/China and albumin by biosystem company/Spain. The deletion of Glutathione S-transferase mu gene was detected and the deletion of Glutathion S transferase mu (GSTM1) gene was studied using polymerase chain reaction PCR using primers pair from Promega/USA. Results of this study showed there was a high significant decrease (p≤0.01) in albumin concentration of patient related to control, and there was a high significant increase (p≤ 0.01) in each MDA and 8-OHdG for patients group in comparison with controls, and the electrophoresis study for GSTM1 gene shows a significant difference (p<0.01) in deletion of this gene.

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