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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 3, 2018, Issue 2
Specifying and Assessing the Basis of Government’s Civil Liability
Amirhosein Abdolahzade, Tavakol Koohi Gigloo
Pages: 25-34


According to thinkers, not only natural individuals have civil and punitive liability, but juridical entities such as juridical entities of the private and public law are also responsible for their acts. Among juridical entities of the public law the government is considered as the biggest and the most important ones. The government’s civil liability as the sanction of the law jurisdiction principle consists in the forced obligation by breaking a law or the government. In the present research, we are aimed to state some instances concerning the government’s civil liability and to clarify its meaning using a descriptive method and library references. It is hoped that, the research content helps future law studies to clarify and specify related concepts.

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