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specialty journal of knowledge management
Volume 4, 2019, Issue 3
Storage Stability of Iodine in selected commercial Iodized Salt Samples Sold in ‎Anambra State, Nigeria‎
Agu Virginus O.‎
Pages: 1-3


This study was carried out to investigate the storage stability of iodine in selected commercial iodized salt samples marketed in Anambra state. Three different brands of iodized salt samples (Annapurna, Mr. Chef and Uncle Palm) were purchased from different major market in Anambra State, the salt samples (same brand) were thoroughly mixed and divided into two parts. One portion was kept in an open container while the other was sealed in a low density polythene bag and stored for a period of eight (8) weeks. Determination of the iodine levels of the salt samples was done using person method. Results showed that the concentrations of iodine from the sealed and exposed salt samples decreased over the storage period. The sealed iodized salt samples (ANS1, MCS1, and UPS1) lost about 10.08, 37.37 and 38.42% of their iodine contents after the eight weeks of storage while the exposed salt samples (ANS2, MCS2, and UPS2) lost up to 60.10, 63.44 and 64.99% of their iodine contents respectively. This research has shown that iodized salt may slowly loose its iodine content by exposure to the atmosphere over a long period of time‎‎.

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