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specialty journal of biological sciences
Volume 5, 2019, Issue 4
Studies on the Density of Butterflies in Railway Colony, Madurai
Thavamani Malar Meenakshi, Antony Joseph Thatheyus
Pages: 40-48


Butterflies are one of the most beautiful and colourful organisms present on earth. ‎Butterflies are important bioindicators which should be protected to conserve the ‎environment. A survey of Railway Colony, Madurai from March 2018 to August 2018 was ‎carried out. Regular monitoring of the butterflies was carried out every fortnight by making ‎transect counts and recording their number for the entire study period. The study revealed ‎the presence of twenty one species of butterflies belonging to four families. Shannon index, ‎Shannon Evenness and Simpson’s indices of butterflies were calculated. Twenty one species ‎of butterflies were recorded belonging to four families. The family, Nymphalidae dominated ‎with eight species and Pieridae was the least with three species‎‎‎.

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specialty journal of biological sciences
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