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specialty journal of psychology and management
Volume 1, 2015, Issue 3
Study of relation between communicational skills (speaking, listening, feedback) and educational progress in first grade students of high school
Sajjad Samadi Biarag, Laleh sheikh zadeh mogaddam
Pages: 17-22


Abstract: This study evaluates the relation of communicational skills(speaking ,listening ,feedback) and educational progress in first grade students of high school. Research method is scaling factor and statistic social includes all students of state model high school of germi city in 2014-15(93-94 s.y). The sample is selected through kokaran formula which selected 125 people as sample from total 185 people .Barton Questionare is used to measurement of variants and and SPSS software to analyzing data and Pearson coefficient, factor evaluation and tracing evaluation is used also. Evaluation of present study showed that skill has a positive and meaningful relation with educational progress. In addition, Results showed that communication skills in three dimension: Verbal skill, listening , feedback has high influence over educational progress of students and whatever amplicate this dimension of communication skills, educational progress will increase too. And this has the maximum effects in feedback skills over educational progress and communication skills and listening skills took the second and third rank.

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