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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 5, 2019, Issue 1
Study of the Relationship between Mental Security and Urban Views
Meysam Zekavat, Arezoo Momenian
Pages: 1-11


Mental security is considered as one of the basic needs of citizens in urban structures.The problem is the visual disturbances of the urban environment.Part of the visual disturbances in the streets of Birjand are related to the dissonance and disorientation in billboards of medical and commercial centers,advertising banners in streets ,wall paintings,dead colors and uncoordinated urban elements that are often thought to be in contrast to other Pollution has less consequences,but disregard for it are important factors for creating visual anomalies and mental insecurity and urban confusion.Unfortunately,these boards are manufactured and installed without any supervision and do not comply with any regulations in terms of type,size and location.Meanwhile,in many advanced countries,urban advertising and street images are based on urban planning principles and each neighborhood has its own advertising on the basis of urban texture.This paper,using library studies and field observations,firstly explains the factors that generally cause visual contamination in urban landscapes and then provides solutions to reduce visual contamination and create a relaxed and vibrant citizenry.This study,it is expected that their standardization in terms of the shape and location of the installation,visual impairments and disturbances that disturbs the harmony,will increase the quality physical and visual comfort improvement on this street.

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specialty journal of architecture and construction
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