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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 3, 2017, Issue 3
Studying and Identifying the Effective Elements on Developing Social Interactions Between Tourist and Citizen in Order to Design a Residential Complex (Case of study: Rasht)
Parvaneh Ghasemi, Morteza Seddigh, Reza Parvizi
Pages: 29-38


Considering the fact that today there is a significant increase in using public communication devices and social network, the communication and interaction among people in a community is decreasing and concept culture transfer is being done slowly. Meantime tourism as a factor of creating and improving resorts is a suitable context. The resorts in a suitable context that possesses the potential needed to reach this goal would create communication and interaction among tourist and citizens of the host community and apart from creating occupational, financial and other opportunities it would have a chance for culture and social interactions. The goal of this research is to create a suitable context in order to reach the intended goals. So that would be appropriate to study such context in Rasht and in Guilan province which have always possessed a high amount of tourism potential and culture .The present research, in order to answer the question of the study, has considered the effective factors on interaction between tourist and citizen in architecture .The method of research was analytic-descriptive that after preparing questionnaires and distributing them among 160 tourists and citizens was analyzed by SPSS and Fridman and deductive tests. It showed that all the hypotheses are accepted and by ranking independent variables existence of public spaces in structure was chosen by the responders as the most important factor, and after that creating local and traditional context and architecture, the area of cultural works of the region, developing the structure in the site, and availability of roads to other cities, were the next factors. Hence, it can be concluded that designing according to the variables which have been studied can be a proper element to improve social interaction among tourist and citizens.

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