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specialty journal of accounting and economics
Volume 2, 2016, Issue 1
Studying the effect of financial reporting in the performance of Hormozgan Regional Water Joint Stock Company (HRWJSC)
Jahangir Zamani and et al
Pages: 39-49


All businesses, whether governmental or non-governmental, need to have useful, comprehensive, timely, and reliable information. In state-owned companies, due to legal requirements and respecting predetermined conditions of budget goals, the big challenge is choosing the appropriate method for the preparation of reports. One of the most important information available is financial information prepared by the company's financial reporting, which shows the exact financial status, company ability to pay obligations and receive demands, and planning to achieve the future objectives. In HRWJSC, traditional method of financial reporting is used to provide information. By providing a new method for financial reporting, this study has tried to obtain its defined goals, which are the effects of implementing this suitable method on corporate performance, as a powerful lever in the hands of macro and middle management, its effects on managers' decision-making, work-service quality, accurate and timely response of macro management of the water sector of the province to relevant and stakeholder communities, and ultimately identifying the exact production costs. Hypotheses defined in this study are based on its purposes, which is to study the effect of the financial reporting on the performance of HRWJSC and leading to better responsiveness of management. Population of the study includes HRWJSC, mangers, deputies, and experts of the mentioned company, and informants of company, in connection with the research subject, are used as its sample. Study method is descriptive of survey type, and library and field methods are used to collect data, which means that one part of the required data is collected from documents available in the company and the rest is collected through questionnaires distributed and collected. Classifying and summarizing research information are done using SPSS statistical software, tested through one-sample statistical t-test, and its hypotheses have been confirmed with respect to the results obtained from statistical tests and the practical method used. Keywords: financial reporting, the effectiveness of financial reporting, the relationship between financial reporting and performance

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