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specialty journal of architecture and construction
Volume 4, 2018, Issue 4
Studying the Effect of Urban Walls in the Spirit of Shiraz Residents
Mohsen SiamakPour
Pages: 49-57


Creating visual beauty is one of the important matters which should be considered in all arts. The lack of this factor in architecture and urban design leads to the lack of the relationship between building and citizens. Since the streets’ wall is the first picture of the city which remains in the citizens’ memory and due to the changes in lifestyle and the emergence of new demands, paying attention to the aspects of designing walls for responding to the spiritual and mental needs of citizens in urban environments, seems more necessary than before. Considering the current changes in human life and the uniformity of today’s urban environment, the subject of urban vitality and its affecting factors are crucial issues in cities. Streets due to their features in creation of social interactions and as multi-functional zones involving a wide range of activities, are especially important among other urban spaces. Therefore, the effective factors on the vitality of urban streets will be identified in this study to attract people, concentrating on the physical features of walls. Based on the results, the color is one of effective factors in visual quality of street; therefore, the correct application of colors in walls and various colors of plants in different seasons of year, through increasing the attraction of environment and encouraging people to stay in the environment, can be effective on promoting the vitality of citizens.

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