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specialty journal of politics and law
Volume 2, 2017, Issue 2
Studying The Tourism's Policies and Policymakings in Lorestan Province
Hojat-Allah-Dadgar, Alireza Golshani, Masoud Jafarinezhad
Pages: 115-126


Iran and especially Lorestan province by having historical, cultural and natural attractions which have special tourism privileges on both national and global levels, yet are unable to acquire a share of tourism. This study has been conducted to examine tourism policies on province and national levels in order to develop the tourism industry in Lorestan province. In this regard, some questions are raised, like: 1. How the damages of tourism affect social_economic development in Lorestan? How the management, policy_maker bodies, advertisments and informing entities of Lorestan province play roles in tourism industry development? To respond these questions, it was found that: Weak performance of tourism authorities, Lack of infrastructure development, Lack of trained and skilled manpower, Lack of awareness and advertising, a negligible specialized public funds, Lack of private investors attractions, Lack of knowledge management rather than policy-driven management are introduced as tourism damages in Lorestan province. This research uses descriptive-surveying method in terms of data collection and in terms of purpose, it is applied. In order to collect data and to analyze information, the library studies, interviews and questionnaires have been used . At the end, some recommendations have been presented on tourism development in Lorestan.

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