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specialty journal of knowledge management
Volume 2, 2017, Issue 4
The Connection Between National Security and Communication
Morolake Dairo
Pages: 1-11


The concept of national security is all-encompassing and pervades all areas of national existence but it seems it has been limited to concepts bordering on military prowess and territorial protection. As the bedrock of human essence, communication plays a huge role in the security of every nation. This paper explored the symbiosis that exists between national security and communication from the Nigerian perspective as both variables influence each other. Communication within a nation can threaten the security of a nation, just as much as issues of national security can impact the information that pervades various institutions in the society including the media. The systems theory formed the theoretical framework for this study, highlighting the nation as a holistic system dependent on connected elements including national security and communication. National stakeholders should understand and explore the link between these two concepts as a route for effective decision-making, peace and security within a nation.

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